View your data how you want, when you want it. We provide near real-time data so that you can have an overview of your crop situation whenever you need it. We offer data access via our secure website, mobile site, with options of daily emails and text message alerts.

Soil moisture data can be viewed with IrriMAX Live in a range of near real-time graphs, gauges, lists and maps, with regular notes and analysis from our expert team.

Substrate data can be viewed via Substrate Vision in a range of near real-time graphs, gauges and simple dashboard summaries. Automated irrigation threshold levels and temperature alerting can be managed remotely. Climate data can be view on this site with tools available for weekly and monthly summary climate data, growing degree hours and chill hours.

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When you are as spread out as we are, the SMS moisture and climate stations are an essential tool that is used first thing every morning when my managers get in the office, even if it’s to get a feel of rainfall round our fields.

James Foskett
James Foskett Farms, Suffolk

Data Display
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