The benefits of EnviroSCAN to my business are:- Saves time and money travelling. Gives me the ability to look on a laptop and monitor crop water usage and water application. Helps with the understanding of crop water uptake to apply water more efficiently and to maximize quality and yields. - Nick Sheppherd Agrimarc Ltd
Since installing EnviroSCAN, we feel that we have more control over our irrigation and the plants' water requirements. The website shows up to date graphs that indicate water usage. This shows the depth to which the plants are using water. We are installing more EnviroSCAN, and will have one at every site. - Paul Hamlyn Farm Manager Bardsley Farms
We have been using EnviroSCAN for over 8 years. EnviroSCANs have enabled us to gain a greater understanding of water application.and plant usage. We use the EnviroSCAN data to schedule applications. Using EnviroSCAN has helped us to increase average yields and impove fruit quality thus maximising irrigation efficiency. Untill this year all of our EnviroSCAN probes have been installed in soil grown crops, however we now have one installed in a substrate system. This has produced some interesting data and will help us further in improving our irrigation management. One of the great things is all of the irrigation team have remote access to data so they can see the results of their work. - Tom Pearson, Manager Hugh Lowe farms
I've been using EnviroSCAN's and their services for the last 3 years on a variety of horticultural crops. Our production sites are scattered over several counties so the EnviroSCAN is an invaluable tool in helping to schedule irrigation and check that automatic systems are working. Their service backup is flexible and very helpfull - Sean Finlayson, S&A Group Holdings Ltd
The Enviroscan is giving us additional confidence to reduce water use in our strawberry production. - Charles Gaskain
The Enviroscan system has helped us to manage our water use more efficiently and we have made significant savings on fertiliser as a result. - Steven McGuffie, New Farm Produce, Lichfield
The new technology you added on the enviroscan by inserting a rain gauge is real working and very accurate. I must say it helping me to know the actual rain received in a day and even if my irrigation team forget to record the rainfall I have actual data on line. Good job.


- Samual Kamau
Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with your soil moisture sense systems that are installed across a range of our vegetable crops.

This is the fourth year we have made full use of them and my growing team use them as one of their most important management tools every day when planning irrigation for the day or week ahead. When you are as spread out as we are they are an essential tool that is used first thing every morning when my managers get in the office, even if it’s to get a feel of rainfall round our fields.

When applied irrigation can cost up to £50/ acre inch its essential we don’t waste it by using water unnecessarily and likewise when we are doing scab control on potatoes. It has become a very important part of our daily monitoring simply because we cannot be in all the fields every day with a fork. It’s also helped us later in the season when we are trying to dry crops out prior to harvest or getting them to use water from depth.

Keep up the good work and we will continue to use your services which are no doubt enabling us to save a lot of money whilst helping quality.

Yours sincerely

James Foskett
- James Foskett Farms, Suffolk

Soil Moisture Monitoring Equipment

We provide fixed site and portable monitoring systems for both soil and substrate grown crops.  Also see our Irrigation Scheduling Services page for more information

EnviroSCAN- Probeenviroscan

The award winning EnviroSCAN™ probe is the flagship product of Sentek, providing the user with great flexibility for a diverse range of applications.

Features include:

Multiple sensors with flexible depth placement (at 10 cm increments)

Monitoring from shallow depths (0 - 10 cm) to deep installations (> 40 metres)

Length of probe customised to suit the application

Up to 16 sensors on one probe

In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability

Full serviceability

Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options

Sentek Plus Video

EasyAg-  Probeeasyag

The EasyAG probe is a slim-line, easy to install probe. Available in two fixed lengths of 30 cm (12 inches) and 50 cm (20 inches), the probes can be configured either with Soil Moisture sensors to measure volumetric water content only, or with TriSCAN- sensors, to measure both volumetric water content and volumetric ion content (VIC).

The EasyAG-  probe is ideally suited to shallow rooted crops or where it is only necessary to measure no deeper than 50 cm.

Features include:

multiple sensors at fixed depths

EasyAG- 30 - sensors at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm

EasyAG- 50 - sensors at 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm

In-built probe orientation and depth settings to increase sensor repeatability

Slim-line probe

Drill & Drop Probe


The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install, soil measurement probe. Probes are available in two lengths, 60cm (24”) and 120cm (48”), with sensors fixed at every 10cm (4”) increment. Purchase options are either length with soil moisture + temperature sensors or soil moisture + temperature + salinity. 

Due to the ease of install and protected electronics, the Drill & Drop is ideally suited to situations where a monitoring probe may need to be moved between sites in short term and annual crops. Having the electronics completely encapsulated and able to be completely buried also makes the probe suited to long term installations, where machinery will pass often, such as dry land and feed crops

Sentek Drill and Drop Video

TriSCAN- SensorTriscan

The TriSCAN- sensor provides measurements of both soil water and salinity. By employing a patented measurement technique the TriSCAN- sensor is able to distinguish between soil water content and salt content. This information is then processed using a Sentek derived model to calculate soil volumetric ion content (VIC) separately from the Volumetric Water Content.

The TriSCAN- sensor is designed for fertilizer and salinity management in research, agriculture and environmental applications. The TriSCAN- sensor is optimised for one of agriculture's most common soil textures of sands and sandy loams, and is currently not suitable for clays

TriSCAN- sensors are available in both EnvrioSCAN- and EasyAg forms

Diviner 2000-Diviner

Diviner 2000- is a portable and robust device measuring soil water over multiple depths (at 10 cm intervals) in the profile. Diviner 2000 consists of a probe and hand-held data logging display unit allowing the user to make onsite management decisions at up to 99 sites.

The Diviner 2000- probe is available in 3 lengths, 0.7 metre, 1.0 metre and 1.6 metres making it ideal for a wide range of applications. The patented "Swipe and Go" technology means that Diviner 2000 does not need to be held at each individual depth in the soil profile. To take a reading the encapsulated capacitance sensor is simply swiped in and out of the access tube, measuring up to 16 depths in just a few seconds.

Diviner 2000- Probe


Light weight

Automatic depth sensing (up to 16 depths)

Inbuilt probe orientation to increase sensor repeatability

Quick, accurate and precise

Diviner2000- Display Unit

Stores data from up to 99 sites

Data viewed on the large backlit LCD display screen

Graphical and tabular display of data allowing for instant management decisions

Hand held

Data readily downloaded into Sentek's IrriMAX software

Access Tube

Like the continuous monitoring probes, the Diviner 2000- is inserted into a customised access tube that is permanently installed in the ground for the life of the crop. Advantages of this include:

- Increased sensor accuracy, through precise wall thickness and diameter of access tube

- Diviner 2000 sensor has no direct contact with the soil

- Minimised soil and root disturbance

- Tubes compatible with EnviroSCAN- probes for future upgrade or interchange ability with continuous monitoring

Diviner 2000 Video

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